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Plexchat lets you be a great leader

Manage Your Guild

Customizable Ranks

Limit what information low-ranking members can access. Grant special powers and super cool titles to your teammates.

Mobile Focused

Manage your guild with features that are designed for mobile.

Custom Notifications

Teammates not showing up for battle? Buzz them with a reminder to attack!

What Top Players Say About Us

“The best way to connect with top players”

Top player in Summoners War
42K+ Youtube Followers

“A community building app for passionate gamers”

EpicFail founder in Summoners War
19K+ Youtube Followers

Clash With Ash
“Communicate effectively with your gaming community”

Elite Nation leader in Clash of Clans
339K+ Youtube Followers

Tools For Leaders

Create a Poll

Interested in your teammates opinions? Take a vote!

Ask a Question

Track answers to your questions in one easy-to-find location. Stop scrolling your chat for days on end to see if your teammates responded.

Plexchat lets you interact with your fans
Plexchat lets you connect with others

Community Focused


Check the Hub for featured tournaments and events.


Get your stream or youtube channel noticed.

Branch Out

Explore the app to find new games or players seeking a new guild.

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Who We Are

Providing the ultimate guild communication tool is just the beginning. We aim to elevate the mobile gaming community by supporting the creators you want to see, and the events you want to be a part of!