Plexchat Code of Conduct

At Plexchat, our mission is to create a world where mobile gamers thrive — where gamers, game developers, and fans can each reap the benefits of working together to thrust the mobile gaming industry forward.

To achieve this goal, we ask that all users participate in a way that promotes a friendly, respectful and positive experience for our global gaming community.

To protect the integrity of our community, Plexchat reserves the right to suspend any account, or terminate any partnership agreement at any time for conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful. In the case of a suspension or disciplinary action, you may appeal, but we are not required to provide a reason for our decision.

We provide the following code of conduct for all user behavior and content on our platform. These guidelines fall under a common sense philosophy and apply to all Plexchat sponsored events (both video and audio), all use of the Plexchat app, usernames, and any other activity related to our services.

Violating our code of conduct may lead to the suspension of your account, access to our services, loss of sponsorship, inability to participate in events, and/or termination of partnership. This is considered a living document that we will update as appropriate based on the evolution of the Plexchat community and service.

Behaviors we Celebrate

  • Respect others - Treat people as you would wish to be treated
  • Help Others - Participate in your community and help build it up
  • Competition - We love a heated rivalry and high-caliber gameplay
  • Activity - We love passionate gamers that love to play, watch and participate in their community
  • Pre-release Games and Beta - Respect all publisher/developer enforced release dates, embargoes and NDAs

Behaviors we Don’t Tolerate

  • Breaking the law - Respect all applicable local, national and international laws while using our services.
  • Targeted harassment, threats, and violence against others - Threats to harm or kill another person, attempting or threatening to DDOS or SWAT another person is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information - Sharing personally identifiable information (such as real name, location, or ID), or producing or sharing content that invades another’s privacy without permission is prohibited.
  • Excessive vulgarity - A curse word here and there won’t kill anyone … but try to exercise your vocabulary in other ways.
  • No Impersonation - Content or activity meant to impersonate an individual or organization. Any attempt to misrepresent yourself as a member of Plexchat staff is prohibited.
  • Spam, Scams, Other Malicious Content - Any content or activity that disrupts, interrupts, harms or otherwise violates the integrity of Plexchat services or another user’s experience or devices is prohibited.
  • Pornography and Other Sexually Explicit Material - Any content or activity involving pornography, sexual intercourse, or adult services is prohibited.
  • Inappropriate Behavior and Attire - Nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited
  • Extreme violence, Gore, and Other Obscene Conduct - Content that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratuitous gore and/or violence is prohibited.
  • Cheating in Games - Cheating, hacking, using exploits, modding, botting, or attempting to gain any other unfair and/or unintended advantage is prohibited.