Plexchat Growth Program

We’ve seen your work. We’ve witnessed your passion… and we want in.

Let’s take your community and YOUR game to the next level.

Here’s how Plexchat can help you as an influencer:

We’ve established a program for influencers, both large and small, to create an engaging, fun and rewarding environment for their followers. We call this our Growth Program.

The Growth Program directly attacks several key areas that are crucial to an influencer’s success and their rate of growth.

Our Growth Program members receive promotion through our app and websites to tens of thousands of people in the community that they play. New eyes on your content ultimately convert into new followers and loyal supporters.

  • Event Sponsorship - We fund the events that we believe in. Do they engage your audience? Do your viewers find them fun? Bottom line: Do they make you look GOOD?
  • Growth Via Community Support - Ever look at large influencers from afar and think: “Wow! Wouldn’t it be cool to work with THEM?” Let Plexchat introduce you. We’ve already paved the way with many of these relationships. Before you know it, the very same creators you look up to may be hosting you and featuring your work.
  • Lessons Learned - Allow us to help you learn from our previous mistakes, and our lessons learned. We will run you through optimized methods that maximize traffic and response from your audience.
  • Training - Learn more insider tips and tricks that will ultimately help you be a better creator. We host weekly calls designed to help YOU elevate your game.
  • Revenue Sharing - Once we’ve got a great relationship, we can open up our relationships with game developers so that you can earn a healthy living doing what you love to do.

So what does all of this cost you? Not a damn thing.

We want you to use our app, and be active in building a strong community that loves games, and friendly competition. We decided that if we pay it forward and help elevate this industry, that there just might be a blossoming mobile gaming ecosystem that we can all be a part of, and earn a living from, in a few years time.

It starts with an event or a way to engage with your community.

We’re open to ideas, and we’d love for you to submit yours. If you’re struggling for ideas, that’s OK. We have a team that designs events and can supply them to you. Easy content! If you’re on board with us, and our visions align, we’ll even fund the prize pool for your event.

The Growth Program application link is below. Fill it out and see if you qualify to work with us.

Worth noting: We don’t care how large of a creator you are. Influence and mass appeal is great, but we’re looking for quality of character first and foremost. We want passionate gamers in our community as the foundation of what we’re trying to build.

If you want it… go for it. Don’t let anything hold you back. The link is below to sign up.

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